Chemical division

The EBRILLE Group, tank to his relevant experience in the field of the transformation of the plastic materials, as well as into the specific production of polyethylene expanded, is able to manufacture and supply a wide range of compounds and master batches 
The production is particularly voted to the polyethylene expanded reticulated-type (XPE) and thermoplastic-type (NPE), such as:
  • ›› Chemical expanding agents AZODYCABONAMYDE-MON CELL based
  • ›› Chemical reticulation agents for XLDPE  - MON DCP
  • ›› Stabilizing agents for the expanding processing type XLDPE - MON STAB
  • ›› Fire retardant for reticulated polyethylene - MON FLAM BR
  • ›› Fire retardant for non- reticulated polyethylene - MON FLAM CL
  • ›› Phisical nucleants for thermoplastic expanded
Our company is able to formulate specific products under the different employment requirements.


About the CHEMICAL Division, this one can supply not only products for the transformation of expanded polyethylene, but also hand-washing detergents for industrial, mechanical and installation use.

Nivisgel is the product proposed by the Ebrille Group, to ameliorate the quality of the traditional hand-washing pastes commonly employed in the up mentioned fields.
The product is being appreciated for his excellent detergent properties, and for his specific technical features, such as creaminess, softness, low quantity requirement, easy to apply and remove.