Plastic materials recycling division

The transformation of the plastic materials it is bound to cause of processing wastes. The recycling prevents the loss of potentially re-usable staples , decreases the energy consumption, and at last the direct or non-direct release of greenhouse gases. Recycling is a keyword in modern waste treatment, and it is primary component of the management of those products being considered as rubbish.

The EBRILLE Group, thanks to his experience in the field of plastic materials transformation, and to the policy of environment protection, is particularly sensible to this aspect, so he has developed a proper Know how of processing and of the transformation of plastic materials, in waste reduction and recovery.

The EBRILLE Group promotes the proper employment of plastic materials and the rationalization of secondary raw materials, with the purpose to improve the manufacturing cycles.

Our treatment and recycling plants are suitable to the employment of plastic materials, both compact than expanded, throughout procedures of grinding, reduction and separation of different materials, with the purpose to produce secondary raw material suitable different fields of manufacturing industry, under the chemical and physical performances of the recycled product.